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Photoshop using blur gallery

photoshop using blur gallery

Field Blur, along with Iris Blur and Tilt-Shift (the other new blur filters) are found in the Blur Gallery, also new in CS6. Each of these filters gives us a different way.
The Blur Gallery includes 3 types of blurs that you can use to add special Quick Tip: Rename Layers in Photoshop CS6 Using the Tab Key.
The new Blur Gallery in Photoshop CS6 offers tools that provide intuitive Field Blur is the simplest of the three filters to use, but offers the least.

Photoshop using blur gallery journey easy

Using the Field Blur I was able to slightly blur the background, drawing attention to the dog chasing the kite. To change the blur amount of a pin, select that pin by clicking its center, then you can either:.

Photoshop using blur gallery -- journey

The road to Heaven by Nina Matthews Photography. When was the last time you watch a real movie? It can be done and not only by "masking" it will take a lot of time in tedious work, but who would do that? With your cursor on or near the adjustment ring you can drag your mouse along the ring's edge to adjust the blur amount. What is the definition of real? Ellen Anon Just to clarify, the depth of field on those two flowers is entirely natural and done in camera. Join Aaron Nace as he explores the new blur functions and gives us an in depth look at how to use them: For this demonstration, Nace is working on an action sports image by Myro to show us how the new blurs work.

photoshop using blur gallery