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Post unread message count doesnt match reality

There are no actually unread messages in my mail app. . mail icon will show that there are unread messages when in reality there are no unread messages. I think the phone doesn't sync the unread count back any earlier.
Why is Messages showing the wrong unread count? After I read the messages in the chat window it still says I have unread messages and I can't make it .. ALL the messages have been read, but it doesn't acknowledge that. Missing: match ‎ reality.
Posted via the Android Central App. Go to your Nova settings, then scroll down to unread count badges, then scroll the . Each category can be configured differently as to size and placement to match other icons. the Inbox, when ever I get 1 email the count shows 2, if I get 3 emails the count shows 6..

Post unread message count doesnt match reality travel

By writing my own nick. Change the option to ON. Click on the Mail setting which is currently set to ON. If you forget what you searched for, search for emails to "yourself". Ask a Question Why does the Mail app display an unread mail count, but then doesn't display the unread mail? Quick fix for the phantom email problem!

Do you already have an news recover music that disappeared from your iphone This topic is locked from further discussion. Now select all of your email on your computer and mark it as read. How do I fix it? Open Activity Monitor and find Dock - select Dock and quit that process. Then I moved all my inbox messages in Outlook to archives. I really hope not. I had this same issue with my work Exchange account. App Store Business, Legal and Marketing. To clear the unread messages counter, do the following:. Older OS X Versions.

Going: Post unread message count doesnt match reality

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  • Now, you can feel free to mark them as read, delete them, mark them as spam, or do whatever you like! Mark as unread, click your now single unread mail. To get to that stage one has to see if there is a solution, work out a cause if there is one and judge how many people it effects.

Post unread message count doesnt match reality - - flying

Search again for emails from "joe", and mark unread messages as read. My inbox keeps saying there are two new messages, but there's nothing new. It now allows you to create different categories of widgets. I've managed to fix this by going to the web access, right-clicking the problematic folders and selecting "mark all as read". If apple would give us visibility to a search result folder it would be easier.... No more phantom email.