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Questions routing error route matches ckeditor pictures

questions routing error route matches ckeditor pictures

Started POST "/ ckeditor /" for at 30 ActionController:: RoutingError (No route matches.
I want to display each question for every proposal for that specific country. My initial However, this resulted in an error message "undefined method `proposal' for .. ActionController:: RoutingError: No route matches [GET] .. poster=\"/ uploads/ ckeditor / pictures.
Check your routes.rb file. It should contain something like mount Ckeditor::Engine => '/ ckeditor ' as per the gem documentation. Edit: it seems.

Questions routing error route matches ckeditor pictures journey cheap

It's also likely that we'd want to do server-side processing if we add any image manipulation abilities. Create new controller and model for that haiku-os.infoer below example uploads controller and model. Am using ckeditor-rails for my app, I successfuly added the gem, installed, configured, and awesomely working, but when i click on browse button, the routing error displays on the screen, here am attaching the screenshot for reference,.. We can move it to the contents of an event, I think that'd be fine. It's not close to usable though: clicking on the image button opens up a dialog that loads from Drupal via an AJAX request, but it doesn't have the ability to save and close the dialog. This patch also reverts the base class changes. Besides the additional load on the server, the latency cost incurred cannot be ignored, especially on mobile devices. It oddly uses tinyMCE modals with an iframe for image handling.

questions routing error route matches ckeditor pictures

Why provide a default implementation of this method?. I'll pass this to my colleague. What is the general theme of the changes? Why set this explicitly?. Your work on improving the dialog API. Some of the Dialog API code specifically around the CSS needs to be generalized out of the Seven theme to ensure consistent appearance. I've used it successfuly in many projects. The convention within CKEditor is for the button name to match the command. Maybe you had a caching issue?. Not sure if this could be a problem. Not sure where came those images GIFsbut it may violate copyright if metadata is blindly removed. I agree with this statement .

Questions routing error route matches ckeditor pictures - - travel

More importantly: this fails to check if a depended plugin is in fact already in the list of enabled. And, as you already indicate, the current DrupalImage CKEditor plugin is actually again proof that it's the typical use case, because that plugin also implements the CKEditorPluginButtonsInterface interface. Jared - your solution does not solve the core problem I'm having which is:.. View This reroll addresses ALL known feedback. I'm trying to review this patch here, but having trouble understanding what it does, exactly.

Questions routing error route matches ckeditor pictures -- flying

This patch needs a little work yet:. The dialog support is all directly in We'd need to keep this integration even if we make a replacement for CKEditor's modals. Log in with Yahoo account. Loading the dialog content is equally trivial. Always use SSL experimental!